To continue its Unexpected project together with with local non profit group 64.6 Downtown, which brings top tier public art to the area of Fort Smith in Northwest Arkansas, JUSTKIDS—led by founder and curator Charlotte Dutoit—has brought back the incredible talents of British artist D*Face to construct a new piece of epic proportions. The project, a second effort between the artist and Unexpected, sees a two-part piece that includes massive public art installation with an accompanying mural—a first for the artist.

The artwork highlights a connection to Native Americans, specifically its women who were skillfully trained in bow and arrow, and “would fight to the death for their families.” To pay homage to these powerful first women of the land we know as America, D*Face has erected a series of giant wooden arrows made of five 40-foot long poles, that weigh more than 1,000 pounds each. Cast behind the monumental arrows is the mural, that paints a more direct picture with a Native American women pulling back on a bow, with silhouettes of her village—a nod to the Trail of Tears, a story synonymous to Fort Smith.


“It feels like you can make a change here—you can really make an impact, which for me is really interesting. Creatively, it’s very fulfilling.”

Excellently Shot by Raymesh Cintron for JUSTKIDS, the above video details the whole process of the installation and mural, with D*Face himself giving insight into the pieces, and the Unexpected project as a whole, meant to offer an lasting impact on the locals of the area. Watch through the entertaining video in the jump above to watch D*Face as work as such a picturesque remote town, and make sure you follow JUSTKIDS on Instagram for more amazing artwork like this.