Insane surfing air tricks, trasher metal music, hilarious cut scenes from 1987 surf drama film North Shore… what more do you want in a surf video? Well… there could be more, but still, this recipe is definitely tasty delicious, and just what we need to get us raging for an epic surf session now that the whether is cooing us to go out. The aforementioned elements can all be found in surf grip company Octopus’ latest video edit aptly titled dubbed Death Grip.

octopus-death-grip-surf-edit (2 of 2)

The video featured crazy rips from Octopus sponsored pro surfer Brendon Gibbens, who turns the art of surfing into a mental shred session with serious air and whirlwind spins, all to the wonderful tune of thrasher metal band Death–which only serves to boil the urge of hitting the waves ourself even more. Filmed by respected videographer Andrew Schoener and his team, Death Grip is an awesome effort and definitely a surf video worth watching. Check it out in the jump above, then make sure you head here to see more of what Octopus is about.