There’s no denying society’s fascination with celebrity culture. And then there are those that find deep interest in the act of death. Then there are the few (unless we’re wrong and this is actually a widespread thing) that are enthusiasts of both: celebrity deaths. Alissa Bennett is one such enthusiast, so much so that she’s dedicated her after-hours creating zine issues that explores the cases of the notorious dead. From River Phoenix to Whitney Houston, to Brittany Murphy, Dead is Better is one of those zine series that offers much more than just a niche subject, but a gripping exploration of the complexities of the human mind, and a comment on the worshiping of celebrities as a whole, as well why we as a society seem to love watching a crash happening before our eyes.


The series takes on an almost diary confessionals approach, ripe with drugs, crime, mystery and everything in-between. According to BULLETT author Alexandra Weiss who managed to read through a copy herself, the narratives within the zines themselves are a good enough reason to pick one up, stating “the stories themselves are completely enthralling, but that’s not what makes Bennett’s work so addicting.” Click here to read Weiss’ interview with Bennett which asks about the zine maker’s (and Director at Team Gallery by day) decision to cover celebrity death and much more, and then check out a few excerpts throughout. The zine copies are being sold for an easy $10 USD, and can be had from here.