The High Museum of Art in Atlanta has commissioned conceptual artist and designer Daniel Arsham for three installations that he will construct until May 21st. The work Arsham will execute in the museum will blend audio, architecture and surrealism together. Currently on display is Arhsam’s Blue Garden–an illuminated tea room that is replete with a landscape of blue grass. The zen garden is raked every Sunday by a performer, while the illuminated teahouse is occupied by the statue of a woman seated on tatami mats, and a selection of everyday items. Subsequently, a voice is projected through the space that provides descriptions of the elements found in the garden.

The exhibition delves into Arsham’s investigation into the interpretation of history through physical objects, but features some of his first work in color. This exhibition further expounds on the artist’s Fictional Archaeology body of work, which involves casting your everyday objects in precious and semi-precious stones and metals. Daniel Arsham: Hourglass runs from 4 March to 21 May 2017.