Is it just us, or does everything just look cooler when made out of stone? If you’re silly and haven’t immediately agreed out loud, then maybe this custom motorbike with its body made entirely out of real stone will help bring you to your senses faster. The bike was originally a 1982 Honda CX500, and the Medusa responsible for turning this beast into an epic machine of stone is German-based bike builder Chris Zernia.


First thing to note is yes, the bike is fully functional. While the bike was originally created for German bike mag Custombike’s custom contest oddly titled “Build da Fukker,” it’s a feat of creativity and skill in its own right. The stone used for the bike’s chassis is basalt, which was mined from the Eifel mountain a few kilometers away from Zernia’s house. The whole thing roughly weighs an impressive 780 pounds for what it’s made from, and if that serves as any indication of what Zernia is capable of, then him gunning for the Guiness World Record for fastest bike made from stone won’t come as a surprise. Peep the bike in detail above.