Remember that scene in American Psycho when Patrick Bateman catches feelings from observing just how damn pristine and perfect Paul Allen’s business card was. Well imagine that scene, but remove the ‘subtle off-white coloring, its tasteful thickness and even its watermark’ with a bright orange card sporting a pair of dice and Playboy bunny logo. That’s what would have happened if the movie was set in Chicago during the ’70s or ’80s, as that’s the type of business cards Gs used to rep back in those days. Thanks to local Chicagoan Brandon Johnson, we now get a comprehensive look at an awesome archive of Chicago gang business cards from the two decades, all just as flamboyant and fucking G as the aforementioned.

Compiled into a printed book, the work comes from Brandon’s research into finding likewise cards, having discovered one originally a keepsake box of his dad’s in the attic. His research then led him to discovering the design phenomenon of that time and place, where the norm for gangsters back then was to showcase your symbols, nicknames, territories, and enemies all on a business card. Have a look through a few excerpts from Thee Almighty & Insane: Chicago Gang Business Cards from the 1970s & 1980s, above, and head here to find out more.