Brad Monk has a frankenstein-like racer called the Yamando. The bike is part Yamaha XS 650, and part Norton Commando. Monk uses this beast for racing purposes and has benefitted quite nicely too. The Yamando has helped him win competitions within the states along with the heavyweight class of Canada’s vintage road racing. As the co-owner to the bike, Toivo Madrus is the architect behind this sleek piece of engineering. The bike took a good four years to finally come together due to the XS race engine, which causes heavy friction to the rider.


For Madrus, the Norton frame seemed like a great alternative to buffer sed friction, due to the frames light weight mounting system that isn’t directly attached to the engine. However, the Yamaha engine is quite bigger than the frame it was meant to be caged in, so getting it to fit precisely took quite some time. The end result was topped off with a dual disk brake system, CanAm drum brake, a special oil cooler, stainless steel valves, a Kibblewhite spring kit and much, much more.