Umbrella terms are confining. No one likes them, especially creatives. It’s not EDM, its techno goddamnit. You get my point. So is the case with Canadian photographer Marcus Paladino, a Vancouver Island-born creative who’s forte lies within the sights of surfing. However, unlike many who would wear the title of surf photographer with a badge of honor, Paladino believes the association marginalizes his work. Rather, the artist believes that his photographs are far more intimate than that; moments that capture as much of nature, as much of the human element, as it does any wave or swell.

Like many creatives, Paladino is inspired by the vast array of people, places and passions that surround him. It’s no wonder that his photos in turn capture an almost-poetic nature to them. Paladino currently lives on the shores of Tofino on Canada’s West Coast, and is steadily making his mark as a photographer of all trades. Be sure to check his full body of work, which also includes videos, over at his official site.