Anxiety is one of those things…We either don’t want to admit that we feel it or we’re always acting like we have a solid handle on it. Regardless of your profession or status in life, anxiety is real. Brazilian artist Rachel Denti decided to face her anxieties head on by illustrating the feelings she had to come to grips with as she dealt with adjusting to her new life in a foreign country. Her illustrations in this series are about her coping with loneliness, fitting in and that nagging feeling of seeming that she couldn’t get anything right. Safe to to say that we’ve all been there at one time or another and if you haven’t, just know that life comes at you fast. Denti broaches these feelings with an honesty and vulnerability that no one can hate on. The sentiments displayed throughout her latest series of illustrations transcend race, class, or location. Hopefully after viewing her latest series, you’ll close your browser with a better sense of knowing that you’re not alone out here.