The weekend is now a fading memory. It’s Monday, and the foreseeable future lays a horizon of days on days of work. It’s a good five more days until the weekend’s escape comes rolling back around, and while we live in this complex era of never-ending “distractions,” from Instagram and Snapchat to mid-week socialite events and the home sweet home of Netflix, we still struggle to find a true source of respite from the humdrum of work. A tried and trusted way to get your mind off of that meeting gone awry, or to subside that anxiety towards your upcoming presentation is of course music. And music is just what we have for you to get through this week.

Enter the sixth edition of our Unrated’s Undiscovered playlist—a careful curation of sounds from the plethora of underground artists found on Soundcloud. This particular edition will take you on a rollercoaster journey, with hip hop highs featuring some serious lyrical flows and hard-hitting beats, and some mellow, R&B-infused lows that works in a nice roll of soothing feels before picking you back up again for a splash of refreshing rap. It’s a marriage of hip hop and R&B (with a sprinkling of electronic, soul and trap beats), all presented by a slew of incredible talent that deserves the lime light. Enjoy the playlist above.