While the official Nike Air Max Day has now passed, many of us–if not all Nike heads–are still keeping the celebration of the brand’s most iconic innovation going, be it on our feet, or through our site. This past Saturday saw a project by the global sportswear brand of epic proportions, that took things way back to Air Max’s very beginning. The Centre Pompidou. This historic building is responsible for inspiring the very Air-sole design of the Air Max 1, when the innovation’s creator and legendary footwear designer Tinker Hatfield visited Paris to explore the city, only to come across the Centre Pompidou’s “inverted building, with the glass wall underneath,” a design inspiration he took back to the brand’s Oregon headquarters, resulting in a change within the sneaker landscape for ever.

To pay homage to its cultured history, Nike projected a specially produced film across the exterior of the establishment, as a monumental display of the brand’s #kissmyairs campaign. Featuring in the film saw budding French trap artist Joke’s official music video for “Vision,” with its visuals serving as a collaborative effort between the artist (and team), and Nike, where we see Joke flexing the new Nike VaporMax throughout the vignette. Check out the video snippet of the Nike projection, as well as a photo recap of it all above.