Print is definitely not dead–and we’ll continue to say so until it actually does die, which will hopefully be never–and Andy Rementer‘s latest zine project is a good reason why. The new printed project dubbed Good Morning by the whimsical illustrator comes boarder-to-boarder in his latest illustrations that sees the creative take on a whole new direction with his artwork. While typically synonymous with his playful cartoon-esque characters that range from lovable animals to seemingly arbitrarily shaped beings, to your every day objects, Rementer switches things up not with what he draws, but how he draws them.

“[Good Morning] feature harsh and impossible shadow treatments, a direction I’ve been recently exploring,” the artist explains to It’s Nice That, adding “the nature of the images are themes I often return to: characters, cities, moments, objects and nostalgia,” when explaining the narrative behind the zine. On top a progressing in artistic style, Rementer has also delved into the realm of text, adding another new layer into the publication–editorial wise. “The drawing came first, but the storytelling came naturally afterwards. It was interesting pairing the short observations (in English and Japanese, translations done by the publisher),” he says of the descriptions/stories included. Published by Commune press in Tokyo, Good Morning saw its public debut during the LA Art Book Fair last month, and can be found for $10 USD here. Check out a few excerpts from the zine throughout.