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American Color 2: Constantine Manos’ Exploration Into The Many Hues That Make Up The United States

Through social media, anyone can be a photographer nowadays. Just point and click right? Well, yes… but that has also led to an over-saturation of the medium; where VSCO and film shots are the current norm, experience and craft has taken a back seat. Not for Constantine ‘Costa’ Manos, a Greek-American photographer whose 50-plus years of experience has been featured by the likes of heavyweights Esquire and Time Magazine, and is a member of the Magnum Photos family. Costa has been taking photos as early as thirteen, and amongst his many incredible projects, the American Color series stands out for both its beautiful imagery and stunning narrative.

The American Color series, which is now on its second installment, features stunning hues, as the name suggests, of locales all across the US. Along with the vibrant hues however, the shots always showcase figures in shadow who also emit a color, or rather a social context to America’s highly controversial social state of affairs. In 2003, Costa received the Leica Medal of Excellence for his American Color exhibition.

Although this name is highly-regarded amongst professional photographers, many of the younger generation are still new to the work of Constantine Manos. Be sure to check out his full scope, along with his latest series, American Color 2.