The art of surfing can be look at as a a form of meditation. Being out there in the open ocean, being one with the push and pull of the waves, the synergy between you, the board and water as you gracefully glide towards the shore. It can all be rather quite tranquil. It can also be heart-pounding and intense, just like in this latest Oliver Kurtz-featured, Sean Benik-directed video. Dubbed Aftermath, the just-shy-of-14 minute-long video showcases the Vero Beach, Florida-based professional surfer as he carves, barrels and catches sweet air in what looks like pristine surfing conditions at Orange County, CA’s Newport Point.


The heart-inducing blood rush also comes from the video’s thumping soundtrack, the awesome special effects, and with a little more blood being pumped thanks to the seemingly random cuts of beautiful women, before throwing us back into the fray of Kirtz dodging fellow surfers while keeping up appearances in form. This do finally slow down in tempo around the 4-minute mark, where we can to catch our breath and settle back into enjoying an entertaining surf video with some golden sunset scenes. The video then continues to pick up speed, slow down, then pick up speed again, just like a wave–we see what they did there. Enjoy Oliver Kurtz and Sean Benik‘s Aftermath in the jump above.