Introducing Unrated 2.0 beta

Unrated is a curated media platform powered by a global creative community. The content you’ll find on the site is a mix of carefully selected news by our editorial team, as well as topics referenced by our growing network of established creative thinkers.

We’re redefining the way you explore culture through a unique model that combines creative editorial stories with the very community that’s shaping it. Unrated is your source of inspirational references that can be tailored just for you.

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The Art of Curating Culture

With the internet’s oversaturation with content, identifying inspirational stories that impact the way we think is definitely a challenge. Our dedicated editorial team specialize in hand-picking daily stories that we feel is makes a difference in today’s cultural landscape.

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Unrated's Curators Program

We strongly believe that the best way to discover alternative and inspirational content is through the minds of those creating the culture. This is why we’ve implemented the Curators Program that gives artists, designers, filmmakers, photographers, creative directors… anyone from around the world that’s established in their creative field, a place to share their own influences and references.

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This is a new system that helps you discover content that resonate specifically to you. Instead of scrolling through pages of content, you’ll find collections of stories ranging in categories or topics that offer a more in-depth and curated set of material. In other words, If you’re really into a type of genre, we’ve picked out the best content relating to that just for you.

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The Wire

This is an open-discussion feature within our site where all readers are able to join in on creative conversations. If there’s a specific topic, artist, link or even a thought you’ve been dwelling on that you feel should be shared, The Wire is the place to do it. It’s an easy-to-use system that lends a voice to all creative minds the world over.