Abstract artist Ad Reinhardt once said that “the more stuff in it, the busier the work of art, the worse it is” when explaining the “less is more” concept. While art is of course subjective, there’s no denying the allure of simplicity and minimalism, especially when there’s vibrant pastel colors involved. This is the case with artist Arytron‘s work. The Hawaiian-based creative is made internet famous through his Instagram account that will have you scrolling for days over his incredibly pleasing artwork of local shots, often depicting an abstract piece of architecture or a shot of the tropical paradise itself, but done so through a minimalistic approach, and edited using a palette of pastel colors.


From a section of a building, to two palm tress standing tall against a clear-blue sky, to the abstract play of shadow and line work from an obscure angle of, well… something, Arytron’s visual work is a captivating display of simplicity. His fascination with minimalism, as explained to Hunger TV, came through the common habit of social media, “My first encounter happened when I fell into a random Instagram rabbit hole. Specifically minimal architecture photography is what drew me in.” Self described as “Maximum minimalism,” Arytron’s work is, as he puts it, “being minimal to the most extreme sense of the word, yet it can also mean not being afraid to take a maximal approach to minimalism.” Check out a few examples of his work throughout, then be sure to read through the full Hunger TV interview here.