This past March, PEANA Projects and the Amastan Hotel have joined together to provide a space for Peruvian-born artist Aldo Chaparro to shine–and shine is exactly what he did. Chaparro has etched a name for himself in the design industry via his large-scale sculptural and architectural installations. This specific collaborative effort has brought Chaparro to the Amastan Hotel to create two installations that display his deft ability at creating work that poetically marries texture and light. Inside of the hotel, Chaparro constructed an installation of neon lights and sculptures which emits an almost ethereal atmosphere. Conversely, Chaparro’s work was also featured in the hotel’s courtyard. Here, he combined neon lighting with the hotel’s plants to produce an immersive physical experience that rhythmically blends architecture, nature and hi-tech materials.

While the hotel installation is no longer on display, you can check the above galleries for a taste of what he created, and then check out this full-length interview with Chaparro discussing his process behind the work here.