“When I used to live there, I never travelled out of the city. I felt like I’d never been out of Tokyo, and this time I wanted to see Japan by travelling around more.” These are the words from Polish-born, NYC-based photographer Stanislaw Boniecki when he was explaining to AnOther Magazine of why he returned to the Land of the Rising Sun to conduct his photo diary project. Having lived in Japan originally for a year back in 2011, and, as he explains earlier, his time there did not fulfill his urge to explore the country as a whole.


Because of that, he returned to travel across Tokyo, Kyoto, Kobe and Hakone, capturing both an experience of surreal nostalgia, as well as these captivating images of the country–from idle security guards to the nuances of the country’s landscape, to the beauty of its simplicity like with its Ryokans (traditional Japanese Inns). While many of these images will resonate more personally with Boniecki himself, they can definitely be taken as an arbitrary yet romantic point of view on a country well worth exploring. Check out Stanislaw Boniecki’s images of Japan in the gallery above, and make sure to follow him on Instagram here.