Back in 1976, Lawless Productions brought us raw, archived footage from that era that saw a revival in 2014, that the truest of graffiti heads or even the newest of heads have to salute. Ahearn’s Wild Style gave us the template, but Lawless takes it a level deeper with their documentary the New York Graffiti Experience.  With so much fervor these days surrounding anything retro, it makes sense to always do your homework on the creative rebels that laid the groundwork for the culture we’ve come to pay respect to. In this documentary, Lawless has compiled rare images and videos that captured New York City’s earliest slingers of aerosol art, such as Blade, Comet, Billy 167, Ale, Checker 170, Phase2,Snake 1 and El Marko 164. And in case you missed it, check out these graf photos from the ’70s HERE. Do the knowledge.