Riding dirtbikes and quads in the hood is nothing new at all. In fact, stateside there are several cities that are home to crews of riders that have developed a notoriety for performing death-defying stunts on the back streets of some rather daunting inner-city neighborhoods. Most notably, cities like NYC, Philly and Baltimore have become known to produce some of the more daring dirtbike crews that we’ve seen popularized in pop culture.

So it should come as no shock that the streets and surrounding suburban areas of London are also home to many daredevil riders, narrowly escaping the grasp of the law and chasing an adrenaline high. Photographer Spencer Murphy spent significant time delving into the world of London’s underground bike culture, bringing focus to the kids who dare to test their limits. His work as been compiled into a book titled Urban Dirt Bikers, published by Hoxton Mini Press. Peep our gallery and then head over to i-D Magazine here for an in depth conversation about Murphy’s experiences as he sought to understand the adrenaline-laced fabric that brings London’s urban dirtbike culture together.