Alexander Lendrum

Editorial curator, born and raised in Hong Kong.

A Life of Constant Vacation With Skater Ben Raemers and Surfer Leon Glatzer

While most of us spend the majority of our waking hours putting in work, the short window we have per year where we can lay down the… typing fingers in our situation, and enjoy a bit of R&R is one we whole heartedly look forward to. The notion of a vacation is one that brings pure joy and happiness to many–an understatement, we know. But more than that, and something professional surfer Leon Glatzer and pro skater Ben Raemers helps point out, the vacation is a state of mind and a sense of freedom that allows you to tap into who you really are, and explore not just the world around you, but yourself–something that you can get very easily distracted by through the monotonous regime of a working life.

Thanks to skate fashion imprint Volcom, that mindset is embodied within its CONSTANT VACATION campaign; a collection of apparel that represents the aforementioned notion of living freely and promoting the sense of adventure. This is the life both Raemers and Glatzer live, and while there’s a lot of work, stress, strain and effort put into honing their individual craft, both of these extremists have ultimately turned a form of “work”–a career if you will–into a constant vacation for themselves. In a rare roundtable interview with both Volcom ambassadors, we managed to sit down with both Raemers and Glatzer to ask them their own honest thoughts on their profession and how it relates to a feeling of being on vacation, their thoughts on the concept behind the collection, and what their perfect vacation would be. Read on to hear what they have to say, then have a look through Volcom’s official lookbook for its CONSTANT VACATION collection here.


What are your candid thoughts on Volcom focusing on the aspect of CONSTANT VACATION?
Ben Raemers: I feel like it is very relevant as I feel like I’m on a constant vacation as all I do is skate with my friends and have good times!
Leon Glatzer: My Candid Thoughts of the aspect “Constant Vacation” is a very pleasant idea for the world. When you first come into this world you are an innocent person, innocent to all your surroundings. You loose your virtue as you grow but CONSTANT VACATION gives you a feeling of trying to follow your footprints on a road you have never travelled, an awareness of Innocence.

Ben, coming from someone outside of the professional realm of skating, while for sure there’s work and effort put into the sport, a lot of skating culture looks like a big bag of fun–akin to being on vacation–just like you mentioned. Is there a separation between the two for you? Same for you and surfing Leon.
BR: The work part of it is shooting pictures and filming tricks, but they are the things you want to do naturally as it’s so good to look back at a trick you battled for!
LG: Yes there is, Surfing in the professional world takes a lot of commitment and time. Where on the other hand surfing in your free time gives you more of a fun vacation sensation.


What’s a typical vacation like for you both?
BR: The majority of vacations are skate trips! You might have to work, but it’s all good fun. I am currently on a skate trip in Barcelona which we all payed for ourselves and it’s super fun–it’s a skatecation!
LG: A typical vacation for me is going with a group of friends to a place we never have been to and it has no relation to do with surfing. Hanging out, discovering the village and drinking some beers, in search of happiness and thrill.

The Volcom campaign looks at all facets of extreme sports, from surf to skate to snowboarding. As an ambassador alongside others from different categories–much like the both of you–do you get to interact with each other a lot?
BR: I am always hanging with the skaters on trips etc or just in general as we’re all good friends. It’s rare I hang with the surfers or snowboarders, but the ones I’ve met are all amazing people! 
LG: Yes I do and every time I meet an ambassador from a different category of sport it’s always inviting to share different stories and adventures that you can relate to.

How do you think the concept of the CONSTANT VACATION was initially conceived? 
BR: People getting away with friends, escaping the day-to-day life! 
LG: I think it was initially conceived because of the whole chaos going on this world, the stress, plus the constant worry, and CONSTANT VACATION wants to show what real life is about and to find your inner self filled with happiness and Joy.

Removing the constraints of reality, what would be the perfect vacation for you?
BR: Being with my good friends, having some beers in the sun and skating some really fun places! 
LG: My perfect vacation would be to snowboard and surf in one day. Finishing it of with a big party on a yacht in the ocean, and its next destination… is the unknown.

Alexander Lendrum

Editorial curator, born and raised in Hong Kong.