While the skate landscape is ripe with your typical Thrasher-style, punk, DIY aesthetic, every once in a while you’ll stumble upon something that has opted for the more contemporary take on the sport. You’ll see this with brands like French skate brand ÖCTAGON, or embodied in riders like the late Dylan Rieder. Los Angeles Skate deck and apparel brand SOVRN is another example of the minimalistic contemporary approach we’ve come to love, and it’s seen in everything they put out, from their products, to their website, to their videos. Take for example their latest visual offering, a video tribute to rider Nate Greenwood.

The two and a half-minute vignette–filmed and edited by Ryan Neddeau with art direction by Alexandre Souêtre–comes predominantly shot in monochrome, with the film’s focus orientated around, but not limited to Nate and his board skills. While his skating is definitely something worth keeping your eyes on, the video also does a good job of mixing in extra elements, with clean images of surrounding architecture, offering a more artistic approach to your average skate video. With the added soundtrack of “Salanfe” by Tallisker, the video is a refreshing alternative to the myriad of typical skate bits. Check it out in the jump above, as well as the “B-Side” vid after that, then head here for more from SOVRN.