You’ll be hard pressed to find a Ferrari that isn’t captivating to look at, but when you’ve found an early rendition that harks back to the ’50s, and especially one that sports a Spidor body, then you’ve got something on another level. This is definitely the case with the incredibly rare 1950 Ferrari 166 MM Barchetta, a two-seater short block competition racer, and one of only 25 touring Barchettas in the world. Known as the “grandfather” of short block engine cars, the 166 MM Barchetta is definitely a special little beast. So much so that it has garnered several awards on the track over the years, and more recently awards at car shows the world over. Spec wise, the car is fitted with a V12 engine and gearbox, and is detailed with full fenders and an egg-crate grill, finished off in blood red. Check out the Ferrari in all its glory in the gallery above.