It’s only natural for a streetwear brand engulfed in the very creative scene it’s a part of to want to explore it further. To sit idly by while the rest of the world you’ve made yourself a part of continues to explore and expand would be backwards thinking. 10.DEEP, a streetwear imprint founded by Scott Sasso way back in 1995, is not backwards in thinking, which is why its latest offering aims to push the boundaries of creativity through understanding and appreciating where the streetwear scene came from; it’s a whole ‘looking back to move forward thing.


The new drop is the second release from the brand’s New Form collection, and perhaps explained better by the brand, it “expands the season’s theme of creating new ideas through juxtapositions of disparate ideas, cultures and styles. This kind of alchemy is what propelled the vein of small, independent global brand culture that birthed brands like 10.DEEP.” With that, you’ll find pieces that contrast right dow the middle in patterns and while, as well as an vibrant and eclectic mix of basics and outerwear that works better when disjointedly layered. Check out the official lookbook in the gallery above, then look for the release online when this Wednesday 12 April rolls around.